Meet the Team

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Jill Baumann

Director, Mentor and Facilitator

Finding the right educational path for my own 2 kids has been a quest for me since their preschool days. 

Aya Parry

Director, Mentor and Facilitator

My journey of seeking for a school that nurtures the whole child began when I realized how the conventional school was quickly extinguishing my children's inner fire.

Gautam Bhargava

Guest Facilitator

A technology entrepreneur passionate about fixing education. 

Ian Campbell

Guest Facilitator

A community-oriented educator committed to the fostering of lifelong learners.

Justin Pirk

Guest Facilitator

A co-founder at Bloom, a Dallas based ed-tech startup which teaches kids computer science and design skills. 

Kalie Lewis

Guest Facilitator

An educator that loves to spend her time helping others reach their fullest potential by pursuing their interests and making progress towards their goals.

Renee Good

Guest Facilitator

On a forever journey of creative learning and passionate about inspiring others to discover their purpose.

Joel Wilkins

Guest Facilitator

An eternal student who uses his curiosity and enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge to engage and mentor others in the realm of their own passions.

Russell McGuire

Guest Facilitator

Life-long learner of photography from 4'X5" B&W sheet film processing in a darkroom to mirrorless digital post processing. 

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