Inspired Learning Academy's  Badges

Digital Open Badges are images with associated metadata that can be used on Resumes, CVs, ePortfolios, LinkedIn and other social media to show as credentials to show college admissions, employers and other interested parties.
Below you will find the Digital Open Badges offered by Inspired based on category, and the badge application and creation forms (for Inspired students to access).

Click the badge images to view their criteria on the Badgr website.

Intellectual Badges

These badges can be used to demonstrate understanding of core subjects or concepts.
More badges coming soon!

Leadership Badges

Display your leadership skills, projects, or events with one of the badges below.

In Development - Check back soon!

Personal Badges

Use one of these badges to showcase skills you've learned for personal development.

In Development - Check back soon!

Technology Badges

These badges are designed to demonstrate your proficiency with technological tools.

In Development - Check back soon!

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