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Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you offer?

We offer both traditional classes (i.e. Pre-Algebra, Creative Writing) and non-traditional classes (i.e. Anthropology through Film and Food, World Creation Class). We bring in guest facilitators to share their passions and also to fulfill students' specific requests.  Many students have a mix of independent and group classes. See a list of classes and example schedules.

Can my child attend part-time?

We encourage students to attend Mon-Fri to build a sense of community and to be able to take advantage of all the class offerings. However, we understand families who live further away or have to accommodate special schedules.  Please talk to us about your situation.  

Will my child still be able to get into college?

Yes!  Homeschoolers and students who have attended learning centers similar to ours have attended every kind of university, including top Ivy league schools, where admission officers actually seek out these non-traditional applicants.

Are you accredited?

Our student members are classified as homeschoolers, giving them an advantage with top college admissions officers and employers seeking successful, non-traditional candidates.

Do you offer a diploma?

Many colleges, including top tier universities, prefer to see unique portfolios created by self-directed learners rather than traditional grades and transcripts.  It is a chance for students to showcase their uniqueness and their purpose for applying to college.  Therefore, instead of diplomas, we guide students to create unique ePortfolios and powerful narrative transcripts, not tied to any expected graduation date.

My child is not self-directed.  Is this still a good fit?

The skills of successful self-direction (including self-motivation) are what your child will develop with the guidance of a patient and inspiring mentor and the support of a positive peer community.

What does the school day look like?

Student members follow their personalized schedule of activities including group classes/projects, individual study, group discussions and mentor meetings. Catch a glimpse in this video

Won't they just choose "fun" classes and never learn the academics?

With a mentor to gently encourage and help visualize future possibilities, students amazingly choose what's "best for them" if they know the choice is theirs.

Do you have grades?

We focus on mastery over marks.  In place of grades, we have Presentation Nights at the end of each block, where students have the opportunity to present their accomplishments while practicing public presentation skills.

Do they still have to take STAAR (state-mandated standardized test)?

In our purposeful learning community, student members are free from the anxiety of the STAAR testing and the associated "teaching to the test" form of education.

Do you provide a transcript?

We guide students in creating their own impactful, narrative transcripts that set them apart from the run-of-the-mill traditional high school student.