Fundraising Campaign: #Giving Tuesday through Dec 17th, 2021

Help Us Grow!

Inspired Learning Academy is halfway through its 5th year, and it’s time to grow! We started with 6 students in 2017 and are currently at 14. Our goal is to get to 30! At that level, our school would gain the following benefits:

*  Ability to offer competitive pay and retain high quality facilitators
*  Economies of scale
    -  We can leverage our facilitators’ time to serve more students, offer a wider variety of classes and offer more billable hours
    -  We have the space to support more students with only a marginal increase in facility rental costs
    -  Increased networking and resources- more families know more families, more potential facilitators, more potential families, etc.
*  More opportunities for new friendships for our students and a wider variety of interests and ideas to contribute to the community

We feel confident that if more people knew about our awesome school where the kids are happy and engaged, developing skills of self-leadership, we would have those additional 16 students plus a long waitlist!

Part of the growth plan is to add a program for 5th/6th graders! We currently serve 7th-12th graders but get frequent requests to allow 5th and 6th graders to enroll. However, our current program really requires the maturity of a 13 year old or older. We will be adapting our program and methodology to be developmentally appropriate for 10-12 year olds with plenty of hands-on, project-based learning.

To grow to 30 students, we plan to implement a new marketing strategy that includes the production of short videos, the creation of social media content and ads - all highlighting the many unique benefits of our school.

To take our school to the next level in learning, we plan to bring in more facilitators, diverse in passion and knowledge, and offer experiences that are even more engaging and meaningful. The kids love our guest facilitators!

The following is our list of fiscal needs vital to putting the infrastructure in place to serve 30 total students:
-  $5000 for marketing (video series production, social media content creation, ads)
-  $5000 for 5th/6th grade program development
-  $5000 for additional facilitators
Total: $15,000

Help us reach our goal to bring greater joy to more students at Inspired Learning Academy by contributing to our PayPal Giving Fund campaign before December 17th, 2021. Your contribution is deeply appreciated!


Progress toward goal of $15,000
by Dec 17th

As of 12/16 at 9:00pm CT



Thank you!!