Announcing Inspired's homeschool/remote school outreach program...

[email protected] Pods

Succeed with Remote Learning
with your own
Peer Support Crew and Academic Life Coach

Pods of 6-12 teenagers led by an Academic Life Coach

Advantage of a social support structure with the freedom to pursue your own educational curriculum and goals

1:1 Academic Life Coaching - master skills for successful virtual learning and more!

Frequent, scheduled online meetups with fun group activities

Virtual Presentation Nights - presentation of learning accomplishments

Social interaction with purpose and meaning

Guidance on completing
Passion Projects
- impress college admissions!

Development of Self-Directed Learning Skills
- crucial for college and life prep

$247/mo - cancel at any time

How It Works


Pod members work together with their Guide to set up a meetup schedule that works for all members.  An example might be Zoom meetups Mon-Fri from 11-11:30am.  Meetups include group connection activities, sharing of daily intentions and reflecting on previous days goals/intentions.  A local pod may also decide to meet in real life for various activities.

Life Coaching

Each pod member has the opportunity to meet regularly with their Guide one-on-one for coaching on personal development toward achieving goals: academic, social, college-prep, etc. Progress on goals can be tracked with metrics and action items set using the Coach Accountable app.


Fee structure is based on a monthly membership fee ($247).  Membership can be cancelled at any time.

Time Investment

The time investment is up to the Pod and the individual.  You can estimate ~2.5 hrs/week for group meetups + ~1 hr/wk for 1-on-1 coaching.  Participation in Presentation Nights, Passion Projects or other group-designed projects would be additional time.

Who's it For?

[email protected] Pods are for both homeschool students and remote schooling students looking for deeper social connection, coaching to achieve their goals, and a more meaningful educational experience.

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