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Start Your Own Microschool /
"Inspired Learning Pod"

During these unprecedented times when traditional schools are going fully online or closing altogether while many parents and students have decided they don't like online schooling after their experience last Spring, many people are looking for options.  Some are considering homeschooling, but are not comfortable taking on that responsibility, especially those that are working.  Others are talking to their network of families about joining together to form some sort of homeschooling pod where small groups can get together safely and do school together.

Whatever your situation, we at Inspired Learning Academy have traveled down a similar path when we started our microschool for middle/high school which is now going into our 4th year.  We are also part of an association of microschools.  We've learned a lot since we first started and would like to save other microschool founders considerable time and effort so they can get up and running quickly.

If you're focused on teens and/or tweens and are attracted to Inspired Learning Academy's self-directed learning model, we are in the process of developing toolkits and programs to support you in setting up your own Inspired Learning Pod or Inspired Learning Academy microschool in your area. The following are some of our ideas...

Resources for Starting Your Own

Open House Presentation

Ready-made presentation to show to potential families interested in joining

Online Student Handbook

Convenient online format that serves as a ready reference for students

Online Parent Handbook

Help parents understand the why behind operations and how they can best support their kids

Mentor Guidelines

One of Inspired's foundational tenets is the weekly 1-on-1 meeting between an adult mentor (can be teacher as mentor) and student.  Learn the value of this connection and how to create it.

Community Agreement

Use our ready-made Community Agreement that gets everyone on the same page for being in this community

Student Working Journal

Get a student-tested format for a Working Journal that students use to set daily intentions, record progress and reflect on their learning.

Teacher Working Journal

A great resource for teachers/facilitators to use while students do the same, with space to write observations and reflections as the teacher.

Curriculum Resources

Get access to our list of the most effective, well-liked curriculum resources we have found.

Online Canvas Course for the Inspired Learning Cycle

Invaluable resource that includes all the activities and timing for preparing for Presentation Night, Self-Assessment and Reflection and Planning for the next cycle.

Digital Open Badges

Gain access to a growing library of Digital Open Badges that students can feel proud to earn.

Personal Guidance

Get personal guidance from other Inspired founders to assist your journey to creating the best Inspired Learning Pod or microschool for you and your students!

Pre-launch Survey

What kind of learning group are you looking to create and what you need to get up and running?  Let us know!
Plus, be the first to know when we launch!

A Glimpse

The Inspired Learning Cycle is the foundation of the Inspired Learning Academy.

Compared to the traditional lecture-study-test cycle, the Inspired Learning Cycle models real-life adult learning and prepares kids for self-efficacy as an adult.

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