Where teens can Thrive in school - and in life!

Virtual Teen

Who are we?

We are an innovative, nonprofit, virtual support community for teen learners.

Who do we serve?

We serve teens aged 13-18 looking for a more meaningful educational experience.

What do we do?

We facilitate virtual cohorts ("Fams") of 12-15 teens, interacting on a daily basis to socialize and support each other in their learning goals, while mentoring each student individually to develop lifelong self-directed learning skills to achieve success in any endeavor.

Quick Intro to
Virtual Teen

The Solution Your Family is Looking For?

Is your teen unmotivated? Do they feel a lack of meaning and purpose in their education?

Does your teen want to homeschool but the thought of taking that on makes you cringe?

Is your teen learning virtually, but missing the social dynamic of daily interaction with other teens?

Imagine if...

Your teen developed crucial self-directed learning skills in high school and achieved self-efficacy in time for college.

Your teen became fully engaged and motivated to direct their own education in a purposeful direction.

Your teen was excited about school - and life in general.