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Inspired Learning Academy

Give your teen the opportunity to thrive
in a holistic environment.

Venture off the Beaten Path

It takes courage to venture off the beaten path of traditional schooling, but here's why it's worth it:

The New Economy

Employers are looking for soft skills like Communication, Teamwork and Positive Attitude

Colleges Seeking It

Top colleges are actively recruiting self-directed learners

Teens Who Want to Learn

Teens who choose their learning, enjoy learning

Meaningful Relationships

When teens are free to be themselves, they make authentic connections

Teen Self-Esteem

Teens develop a strong sense of self when allowed to explore without fear of failure

Purposeful Life

Given the space to pursue passions and interests, work  becomes fulfilling

Who are we?

We are a nonprofit, membership-based learning community using a holistic approach to empower students to thrive

What do we do?

We show teens how to acquire skills, self-motivate, collaborate, develop relationships, pursue passion with purpose, be persistent and resilient

Who do we serve?

We serve 6th-12th graders looking for a more meaningful school experience.


Our son is growing into a man and feels more self-confident at ILA as he is able to make more decisions for himself... At his prior school, he saw college as a continuation of his pain and suffering and wanted nothing to do with it.  At ILA, it is a means for fulfilling his ambitions and he is preparing himself for the task.



Since my daughter started attending ILA, she has made great progress in setting goals for herself and working her best towards achieving them.  She is self-motivated and has developed her own strategies to stick to task and see through it.  I couldn't be more proud of her achievements.


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